European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures

ESFRI Monitoring System | ESFRI-MOS

Welcome to the StR-ESFRI Monitoring System (ESFRI-MOS)

ESFRI-MOS is the central online platform for information on the ESFRI Projects and ESFRI Landmarks. The overall objective is to provide efficient knowledge management for supporting political decision making and public awareness on the ESFRI Research Infrastructures.

ESFRI-MOS has been developed by StR-ESFRI to provide essential information required for ESFRI’s dedicated workflows around its Roadmaps and its instruments, namely – the Strategy Working Groups, the implementation Group and the European Commission, and to offer general information to the public.

The platform is currently based on data from the ESFRI Roadmap 2016 and will be updated with corresponding data from the Roadmap 2018. In addition, performance data following the monitoring process will be also included by the MOS administrator, coordinators of ESFRI Projects and Landmarks, and ESFRI Delegates.

The modular design of ESFRI-MOS includes: i) a repository for viewing, editing, adding, and querying basic ESFRI data and statistics on ESFRI Research Infrastructures, and ii) a monitoring system for tracking the performance of corresponding Research Infrastructures.