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ESFRI at ‘Research Infrastructures beyond 2020 Conference’

ESFRI will be participating at the ‘Research Infrastructures beyond 2020 -sustainable and effective ecosystem for science and society’ Conference, which will take place in Sofia, 22-23 March 2018.

The overall goal of the conference is to stress the importance of continued political commitment to public and ESIF investments in research infrastructures by demonstrating evidence for the broad benefits of research infrastructures for society and industry. The event will present an opportunity to validate to policy makers, industry and society that excellent science through long-term investments in research infrastructures is critical for tackling the rapidly changing grand challenges, to accelerate diffusion of knowledge to large number of SMEs and to increase the overall innovation and competitiveness performance of Europe.

ESFRI will maintain a booth at the Conference Exhibition Area and visitors will have the opportunity to meet ESFRI representatives and get to know about the latest developments at ESFRI. In particular, Giorgio Rossi, the ESFRI Chair will give a presentation of the 'ESFRI Scipta Series' during the opening ceremony of the exhibition, in the presence of governmental officials (March 22, 12:30). 

StR-ESFRI partners will present for the first time the ESFRI Monitoring System (MOS), the central online platform for information on the ESFRI Projects and ESFRI Landmarks. For those interested to attend, a short presentation of the MOS system will take place at ESFRI booth, on specified times and dates:

ESFRI Monitoring System Presentation at ESFRI booth

  • March 22:  15:30 - 16:00
  • March 23:  10:30 - 11:00

Among invited speakers and attendees, a number of ESFRI representatives will be speakers, moderators and panelists:

  • Giorgio Rossi, ESFRI Chair, will contribute as a panel speaker at session 1 ‘Research Infrastructures Challenges beyond 2020’ (March 22, 11.30 -12.30)
  • Jan Hrusak, ESFRI Vice Chair, will give a presentation on ‘European Call for Action on LTS of the RIs (March 23, 11.30 – 13.00)
  • Ana Proykova, Chair of the Strategy Working Group on Data, Computing and Digital Research Infrastructures, will be a moderator of the session 1 ‘Research Infrastructures Challenges beyond 2020’ (March 22, 11:30 - 12:30).
  • Beatrix Vierkorn-Rudolph, German ESFRI Delegate, will moderate session 2 on ‘European Synchronisation of RI policies (March 22, 14:00-15:30).

The Bulgarian Presidency Flagship Conference on Research Infrastructures – Research Infrastructures beyond 2020 – sustainable and effective ecosystem for science and society is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria.