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The ESFRI 2018 Roadmap update process was launched at ICRI2016

At ICRI2016, Giorgio Rossi, ESFRI Chair, launched the process for the Roadmap 2018 update. In a highly attended event which took place on October 3rd, side-by-side with the launch of the first South-African Roadmap, the ESFRI Chair announced that the process for the submission of new proposals will be open until August, 31st. The submission form will be online in January 2017 and guides for the submission process will be published before that. International global partners and non-European sites are welcomed.

Presenting on the methodology for 2018 Roadmap, David Bohmert -member of ESFRI Excecutive Board- underlined that new projects should demonstrate maturity, provide proof of political support and financial commitment and have completed a business plan and feasibility study. In her talk, Gabriela Pastori, the Chair of the Health and Food Strategy Working Group focused on the process of updating the landscape analysis and on the parameters that need to be considered when designing a methodology for measuring socio-economic impact of RIs in a landscape that keeps evolving. 



More info and photos from the event will be published soon.