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Objectives & Mission

The goal of the STR-ESFRI project is to reinforce the European STRategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) under the guidance of its Chair, providing additional resources, tools and expertise in performing its activities and supporting its structures. STR ESFRI strengthens the current ESFRI secretariat that is provided by the European Commission with additional resources and tools.

The project provides high quality support to critical ESFRI activities concerning the making of the new ESFRI roadmap, the organization of the international peer-review of science and managerial aspects of ESFRI infrastructures, both for the selection of new projects and for the assessment of currently running projects. StR ESFRI builds on the experience of the CoPoRI project, further facilitating and monitoring the exchange of practices through appropriate workshops and reports and realizes an effective communication and dissemination activity through web-instruments and publications.


  • Supports the ESFRI Chair in all ESFRI-related activities, and ensures that he/she has the necessary information and preparation for of all ESFRI business.
  • Supports the new ESFRI Roadmap process, organizing its smooth execution and accomplishment.
  • Disseminates and exploits ESFRI-related outputs to the European and global Research Infrastructures area and liaises with key stakeholders (policy makers, funding bodies or advisory groups), including the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG)1 and the Research Data Alliance (RDA)2.
  • Identifies best practices and facilitates/ monitors the exchange of experiences among ESFRI projects, through appropriate means such as expert groups and workshops.

The above objectives are in line with ESFRI's new mandate which adequately addresses the existing challenges in the field of research infrastructures, towards a reinforced European research area partnership for excellence and growth. The new mandate calls for a reinforced ESFRI, strengthened with all the appropriate resources, tools and expertise to cope with the existing and upcoming challenges and to meet some of the commitments of the ERA Communication and the Innovation Union initiative.