13:00 |  Registration

14:00 |   Welcome | European Commission

Philippe Froissard, Deputy Head of Unit - Research Infrastructures, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission


14:05 |   ESFRI Roadmap process, links with national RI roadmaps and Smart Specialisation Strategies
Giorgio Rossi, ESFRI Vice-Chair 


14:20 |   Lessons learnt from ESFRI evaluation and Assessment of Implementation

David Bohmert, former Chair of the ESFRI WG on Implementation; ESFRI Delegate

14:45 |  Preparatory Phase funding under Horizon 2020 

Paul Tuinder, European Commission


15:00 |   1st Panel on Governance 

Moderator: Odd Ivar Eriksen, Chair of the ESFRI WG on Implementation 
Richard Schilizzi, former Director of SKA 
Werner Kutsch, Director General, ICOS-ERIC 
Andrew Smith, External Relations Manager, ELIXIR 

15:45 |    Coffee break

16:00 | 2nd Panel on Funding 

Moderator: Hans Chang, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Antonella Calvia-Götz, EIB

Jan-Eric Litton, Director General, BBMRI-ERIC
Carlo Rizzuto, Chair of the ELI-DC AISBL General Assembly 

16:45 |   3rd Panel on Legal issues 

Moderator: Paul Tuinder, European Commission

Susan Daenke, Coordinator, INSTRUCT

Jacques Demotes, Director General, ECRIN 
Andrea Oepen, Head of European Relations, SHARE

17:30 |    Final Q&A, summary and wrap-up

Giorgio Rossi, ESFRI Vice-Chair 

18:00 | End of Workshop