LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ: Computing cluster capacities
Czech Republic

LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ and its host institution – the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague – offers its computing cluster capacity for research computation devoted to fight the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and Covid-19 disease, in the amount of ~1000 CPUs, for the period of three months, starting 1st April 2020. More information on how to apply for an account and quota on the cluster, plus a technical description of the capabilities of the cluster, how to run jobs, transfer data etc., can be found here. Please note that decisions to allow access will be made at the discretion of the research infrastructure management and mainly on first-come first-serve basis if fulfilling the above criteria.

LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ is a joint distributed Czech national node of the pan-European CLARIN ERIC (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) and DARIAH ERIC (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) networks.

IT4Innovations: Access to computational resources
IT4Innovations, 26.03.2020
Czech Republic

IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre at VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava has offered its users from academic institutions priority access to its computational resources to solve problems regarding the Covid-19 disease research. Applicants focused on mitigating the coronavirus spread may submit the project proposals within the "Director’s Discretion scheme". Applications will be approved immediately and given significantly higher priority to use the IT4Innovations computational resources.