ELIXIR-CZ: Life science data services
ELIXIR-CZ, 23.04.2020
Czech Republic

The Czech National Infrastructure for Biological Data  (ELIXIR-CZ) provides a research infrastructure for the storage, processing and analysing data in the field of life sciences. ELIXIR-CZ has launched a website dedicated to COVID-19, where experts and the general public can find information on activities related to the fight against COVID-19. The website provides recommendations for data storage and sharing and the information on access to relevant data. ELIXIR-CZ specifically provides assistance in setting up the FAIR data principles, special software and analytics tools, and computing resources to help analyse data sets.

DeiC: Data storage and cloud resources
DeiC, 31.03.2020

With the current COVID-19 situation, there is need for international cooperation on sharing information and making data available to research that that can contribute to alleviate the impacts of COVID-19 on citizens, healthcare systems and society. The University of Copenhagen/The Technical University of Denmark can make cloud resources, data storage space, etc. available as a flexible secure private cloud setup at Computerome. This also includes a data-lake facility, which can handle different data sets and types and the required storage space. This includes epidemiological information and sequencing data. 

PRACE: Access to computing resources
PRACE, 26.03.2020

PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) is welcoming project proposals requesting computing resources to contribute to the mitigation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. PRACE partners, HPC centres, and research infrastructures are doing their bit by opening up their facilities for urgent/priority access to the HPC systems and other resources to support the research to combat the coronavirus. Please find a list of these initiatives here.

ELIXIR: Life science data tools and resources
ELIXIR, 26.03.2020

ELIXIR, the ESFRI Research Infrastructure for life science data, provides a range of services and resources, that can be used by researchers and consortia working on SARS-CoV-2 research via ELIXIR Nodes. ELIXIR has also initiated new community-driven initiatives (e.g. Hackathons) that help to open up and link COVID-19 data. As details become available, they will be published on the ELIXIR COVID-19 webpage linked below.

e-INFRA CZ: Data and computation services
e-INFRA CZ , 26.03.2020
Czech Republic

In the light of the current events regarding the spread of new strain of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 disease, Czech e-infrastructure e-INFRA CZ offers priority access to resources and services for projects focused on mitigating the pandemic spread. For these purposes, e-INFRA CZ offers services and knowledge in the areas of remote collaboration, computation, data storage, and computer networking.