CIEMAT-PSA: Facilities for water analysis and disinfection
CIEMAT-PSA, 15.04.2020

The Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA), a dependency of CIEMAT, incorporates a fully equipped laboratory of water sample analysis, with a microbiology laboratory specialized in water disinfection provided also with DNA analysis by Real time PCR. The CIEMAT-PSA is not operating at this moment, however it will be in a short notice.

INCT: Insights in radiation sterilization
INCT, 09.04.2020

 With the unprecedented pressure on the supply of PPE, medical devices and laboratory supplies created by the COVID19 pandemic, radiation sterilization is now investigated as a possibility. The Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (INCT) operates six electron accelerators in the frame of the RAPID infrastructure, which includes one installation designed for R&D and mass sterilization of a wide range of disposable medical devices, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and tissue allografts. INCT is studying a case with national sanitary authorities to find effective methods of dealing with currently threatening Sars-Cov-2 and other pathogens that may appear in the future. Coronaviruses are RNA viruses very sensitive to ionizing radiation and can be deactivated by electron beam, X-rays or gamma rays, but the data for COVID-19 are still not sufficient. The global actions and joined research are needed to gain knowledge of all aspects of emerging disease, thus all comments or information about similar activities are welcome (contact Prof. Chmielewski via email).