IAGOS: Atmospheric composition during COVID-19 crisis
IAGOS, 25.11.2020

The In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System (IAGOS) uses a fleet of longhaul commercial passenger aircraft to obtain measurements of global atmospheric composition.  IAGOS has been severely impacted by the dramatic reduction in air travel throughout this COVID crisis and this has had an impact on data provision to our users. However, some aircraft did operate and have delivered vertical profiles of air quality and atmospheric composition from the surface to the upper troposphere, allowing us to glean important information about the state of the atmosphere during the COVID crisis.  Data are open access and available through the website, upon completion of the data protocol.

eLTER: Socio-ecological implications of COVID-19
eLTER: Socio-ecological implications of COVID-19, 20.05.2020

eLTER RI, in response to COVID-19 crisis, aims to utilize its network of socio-ecological research platforms (LTSER Platforms) and their teams to consider the characteristics of diverse geographic regions that will likely be important during the period of recovery and adaptation to new post-pandemic social, economic and environmental realities. Moreover, will utilize the capacity and infrastructure to monitor short to long term impacts of the socio-economic impacts of policy responses to COVID-19 on water/soil/air quality, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services, to answer crucial pandemic-related questions such as whether there will be a long term effect of this pandemic on securing food production and other life-supporting ecosystem services.

CIEMAT-PSA: Facilities for water analysis and disinfection
CIEMAT-PSA, 15.04.2020

The Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA), a dependency of CIEMAT, incorporates a fully equipped laboratory of water sample analysis, with a microbiology laboratory specialized in water disinfection provided also with DNA analysis by Real time PCR. The CIEMAT-PSA is not operating at this moment, however it will be in a short notice.

ACTRIS: Air quality and atmospheric composition data
ACTRIS, 31.03.2020

The European RI for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases (ACTRIS) provides virtual access to the near-real time data on air quality and atmospheric composition. This is of particular interest and importance as it provides with an unprecedented overview of the European air quality and atmospheric composition during the lockdown. The near-real time data are open access and available through the ACTRIS Data Centre upon request/special data policy.