GenomePT: NGS methods to monitor COVID-19
GenomePT, 08.04.2020

GenomePortugal is a distributed genome sequencing and analysis Research Infrastructure for basic/applied genome research and advanced services, which congregates researchers and technical personnel from 11 national research centers and has the technological capacity and expertise to sequence and analyze complex genomes. GenomePT is engaged in the development of NGS methods to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and sequence the SARS-Cov-2 genome at the population level to identify new mutations and determine the penetrance of specific viral strains in the population. GenomePT welcomes collaboration requests from European partners in these endeavors, and is keen to share data, protocols and materials to support the fight against COVID-19.

CCP: Priority access to Covid-19 research projects
CCP, 31.03.2020
Czech Republic

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (CCP) generates rodent models related to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the Covid-19 virus infection (e.g. several serine protease mouse mutant lines). Available resources, services and support include generation of rodent disease models relevant for Covid-19 research, standard cryopreservation and archiving services, advanced secondary phenotyping pipelines relevant to lung inflammation and fibrosis, pre-clinical testing, metabolomics and MALDI imaging from tissue samples and biopsies. Project proposals can be submitted by email, and will be evaluated and conducted with the highest priority.

CCP is a member of INFRAFRONTIER and due to the comprehensive portfolio of its expertise, it has also become a member of international consortium IMPC

INFRAFRONTIER: Model mammalian genome resources

INFRAFRONTIER has created a dedicated webpage listing all its specific resources and services for COVID-19 research. This site also lists the INFRAFRONTIER nodes that offer emergency archiving of mouse lines for laboratories that cannot maintain their colonies due to the coronavirus crisis.

EMBL-EBI: Biomedical data resources
EMBL-EBI, 31.03.2020

In response to the current outbreak of COVID-19, EMBL-EBI is gathering and sharing data resources as they become available. Researchers can now see a breakdown of relevant data hosted at EMBL-EBI on the Pathogen Portal. This includes sequences of outbreak isolates and records relating to coronavirus biology. Researchers can also find instructions for submitting data to the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). EMBL has recognised the urgency to identify and consolidate needs around creating a European COVID-19 Data Platform for data/information exchange, connected to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC.