ESFRI Chair shares insights on RI challenges with Science|Business

In his recent interview with Science|Business, José Luis Martínez, the newly appointed ESFRI Chair, discussed the challenges faced by research infrastructures amidst the energy crisis and the preparations for the upcoming 2026 roadmap.

With 80% of research infrastructures struggling due to higher energy prices, Martínez emphasized the need for long-term energy contracts and investment to make infrastructures greener and more sustainable. "Time and investment are...


Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH): new name for ESFRI SWG

ESFRI is pleased to announce an official update: The Social and Cultural Innovation (SCI) Strategy Working Group has undergone a name change to Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).


NWO publishes report on Dutch Participation in International RIs

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has revealed a comprehensive overview of 47 international Research Infrastructure (RI) memberships, in their report “Analysis of the Dutch participation in international research infrastructures”, shedding light on their significance...


ESFRI publishes Report on Access to RIs

In an effort of identify the challenges to broader and effective access to Research Infrastructures (RIs) as needed by users to tackle scientific and societal challenges, and to underpin the new European Research Area (ERA), ESFRI Drafting Group on Access implemented a set of surveys in May-June 2023 targeting research infrastructures and RI stakeholders.  

The respondents express a large diversity of types of access (physical, remote, virtual), nature of service...