1st ESFRI Open Session video recording is now available

The 1st ESFRI Open Session, a new initiative aiming at strengthening the ESFRI communication strategy, was succesfully hosted in the context of the 75th European Strategy forum on Research Infrastructures, on March 24th 2021. ESFRI Open Sessions is a first step towards the development of appropriate communication mechanisms in order to foster effective exchange of information between ESFRI Delegates and ESFRI Research Infrastructures (RIs).

The 1st ESFRI Open Session was organized in...


ELI ERIC officially established by the European Commission

The European Commission has taken a long-anticipated decision to establish the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

The ELI facilities make up the largest, multi-site laser facility in the world. The newly formed ELI ERIC is tasked with enabling scientists to access the state-of-the-art lasers. Access is open for scientists from...


ACCELERATE and ERIC Forum: Planning for Sustainability of RIs

In the frame of the Horizon2020 projects ACCELERATE and the ERIC Forum Implementation Project, the event "Planning for Sustainability of Research Infrastructures" will be held online on 25 May 2021.


CERIC publishes paper on the State of Open Access Procedures at RIs

CERIC has published a paper on the "State of Open Access Procedures at Research Infrastructures",  analysing the Open Access Procedures of RIs in Europe, their efforts towards harmonization and adaptation during the COVID-19 emergency.  Research Infrastructures were forced to speed up and apply remote access extensively, raising a series of issues partly due to the lack of technologies and dedicated...