The ESFRI Monitoring System (ESFRI-MoS) is now available! Submit your new Project proposal!

The ESFRI Monitoring System (ESFRI-MoS) is already open and ready to accept proposals for new RI projects to enter the ESFRI Roadmap 2021 update. If you are interested in submitting a proposal please contact the ESFRI Delegate of the country that leads the proposal to discuss more and request a new MoS user account....


Report of the ESFRI Working Group on monitoring RIs performance

In response to the invitation of the Competitiveness Council in May 2018, an ESFRI Working Group was formed with the aim to develop a common approach across Research Infrastructures, in order to monitor their performance based on Key Performance Indicators.  The outcomes of the Working Group were presented during the 71st ESFRI Forum Meeting (17-18.12.2019, Tervuren, Belgium).
The Working Group fulfilled the task of developing a set of KPIs to address the most...


RICH-2 Proposal Workshop for RI H2020 Applicants: Prague, 12 February 2020

A workshop on the preparation of RICH-2 proposals for RI H2020 applicants will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, at the TC CAS (Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Science) premises, on 12.02.2020.

This workshop is organized by the H2020 project RICH-2, with the aim to ensure excellent quality, and therefore a higher success rate of project proposals to the following calls:

  • INFRAIA-02-2020 
  • INFRAIA-03-...


CORBEL Final Open Meeting: Florence, Italy, 2 March 2020

The final CORBEL meeting will take place on 2 March 2020 in Florence, Italy.

The one-day meeting will be open to European scientists from the biological and medical field, potential users of the CORBEL common services as well as other stakeholders generally interested in CORBEL and the European Life-science Research Infrastructures.

CORBEL (Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science Services) is an initiative of thirteen new biological and...



RI Events

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