ESFRI projects representatives participated at EOSC Summit

On 12 June, the Commission organised the European Open Science Cloud Summit (EOSC) Summit in Brussels. With more than 120 invited experts and key players in the European Open Science Cloud, the Summit was Europe’s moment of commitment to the European Open Science Cloud - as clearly highlighted by director-general Robert-Jan Smits during the day. It succeeded to mark a clear milestone in building the EOSC as an inclusive and sustainable open commons for Europe’s research and innovation system...


e-IRG has published the new Roadmap 2016 as a next step towards the e-Infrastructure Commons

With the aim to facilitate integration in the area of European e-Infrastructures and connected services, the e-Infrastructure Research Group (eIRG) has published its Roadmap 2016 which intends to define a clear route on how to evolve the European e-Infrastructure system further, and turn the vision of the e-Infrastructure Commons into reality for 2020.


The 2nd Exchange of Experience Workshop: providing effective co-ordination on the Monitoring process of ESFRI 2008 and 2010 Projects

The 2nd ESFRI Exchange of Experience Workshop (Malaga Jan,18), has succeeded in providing a highly engaging exchange forum on the ESFRI Monitoring Process. The Workshop focused specifically on the monitoring of ESFRI 2008 and 2010 Projects, as well as the Pilot Review of 4 ESFRI Landmarks. Scientific leaders and managers of ESFRI Research Infrastructures, but also participants from the wider research community,...


The ESFRI Roadmap 2018 submission process has opened

The Roadmap 2018 submission process will remain open until August, 31st and welcomes submissions of new proposals. Following the official presentation of the ESFRI Roadmap 2018 update process at ICRI2016 in Cape Town, and the ...



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