“Making Science Happen” – the European Research Infrastructures are meeting the challenges of the new European Research Area

Europe has at its disposal some of the best science facilities in the world. They enable our researchers to pursue the greatest of scientific goals. The growing global competition and pressing societal challenges require however additional efforts to reinforce the capacity of European research to develop science-based solutions that can effectively lead the economic, social and environmental transitions and improve the everyday life of European citizens. In “Making Science Happen...


EGI fast-track call for COVID-19 research projects

As the coronavirus, and its related consequences, spread across the globe, EGI and Open Science Grid (OSG) in the USA are joining forces to commit specialized technical support, specialized simulation tools, and compute and storage resources, to accelerate progress on COVID-19 research. The EGI Federation is calling for...


ERA vs. Corona Action Plan

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Commission announced a set of short-term coordinated research and innovation actions at EU level, the ERA vs. Corona Action Plan. The Action Plan sets out key measures to coordinate, share, and increase support for R&I. In particular, for Research...


ERIC Forum against COVID-19

European Research Infrastructures, many of them organised as European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERICs), are essential resource to the researchers studying the many aspects of the pandemics. Addressing issues such as development of the vaccine and medicines, insights into the social challenges, and the impact on environment, the ERICs support researchers to find solutions to the current crisis. Within the ERIC landscape, many of the ERICs have...



RI Events

28.09.2021 to 01.10.2021
Granada, Spain