ESFRI Strategic Report on RIs in Europe

ESFRI has established a European Roadmap for research infrastructures (new and major upgrades, pan-European interest) for the next 10-20 years, stimulates the implementation of these facilities, and updates the roadmap as needed.


ESFRI Roadmap 2018

The new Strategy Report on Research Infrastructures in Europe will be announced soon! more...


ESFRI Monitoring System

ESFRI-MOS is the central online platform for information on the ESFRI Projects and ESFRI Landmarks. The overall objective is to provide efficient knowledge management for supporting political decision making and public awareness on the ESFRI Research Infrastructures more...

ESFRI Roadmap Archive

The ESFRI roadmap is an ongoing process. First published in 2006, with 35 projects, it was updated in 2008, 2010,2016 and 2018 bringing the number of RIs of pan-European relevance to 55.

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