Monitoring of European Research Infrastructures

Key Messages

ESFRI, following the invitation by the Competitiveness Council of 29 May 201828 28. Conclusions of the Council of the European Union of 29 May 2018 on Accelerating knowledge circulation in the EU. Doc 9507/18
, has developed a common approach across RIs to monitor their performance based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)29 29. Report of ESFRI Working Group on Monitoring of Research Infrastructure Performance
. A key feature of this approach is its flexibility to adapt the KPIs according to the specific needs and objectives of each individual RI. ESFRI shall further discuss the implementation of this Monitoring Approach and possibilities to promote the uptake by the RIs.

The Monitoring Approach will support the internal management of the RIs. It will also provide a meaningful and feasible tool for assessments, evaluations and reviews along the ESFRI Roadmap process and throughout the lifetime of a RI. Results from this approach could support the regular assessments and reviews of Projects and Landmarks.

The ESFRI Monitoring Approach is a tool for assessment of the individual RI performance and progress towards the individually set targets. Through regular reviews, it allows not only adequately the identified challenges of an individual RI to be addressed, but also indicates the health of the entire RI ecosystem, and thus supports RI sustainability.

The ESFRI Monitoring Approach aims to contribute to establishing pan-European standards for monitoring of RIs.