ESFRI Workplan 2022-2023 (provisional)

Note: This ESFRI Workplan has been presented and discussed during the 79th ESFRI Plenary meeting (23 March 2022) and is currently under deliberation in order to be amended and aproved at the 80th ESFRI Plenary Meeting.

In November 2021, the Competitiveness Council endorsed the Council recommendation and a Pact on Research and Innovation was adopted, which contains 10-year priorities to deliver on European Research Area. These long-ranging priorities were addressed in the ERA Policy Agenda, which lays out the three-year actions, to progress towards the priorities of the Pact. Of particular relevance is action 8 of the ERA policy agenda, which is dedicated to Research Infrastructures.

The Workplan for the next two years (Annex 1 and Gantt Chart below) primarily focuses on the implementation of this Action 8. In addition, it contains an activity related to ERA action 12, dedicated to Technology infrastructures. Namely, it is believed that a more detailed knowledge of the RI’s activities in cooperation with industry is needed to be able to design a coherent landscape populated by research and technology infrastructures.

Furthermore, the plan contains activities related to international cooperation, based on the Council’s call to increase RI’s contribution to international cooperation. Additional activities derive from the conference recommendations on New ERA, the response to which was agreed during the December meeting of ESFRI. Two activities based on these recommendations are the Meta-analysis of impact assessment and exchange of practices of funding of European RIs by the Member States. 

The Workplan also contains the planes ESFRI meetings and the reports of ESFRI to ERA Forum, tasked with the overall implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda.
Following these different inputs, what we have in from of us is probably the most ambitious plan so far. Implementing it will require dedication of the ESFRI delegates and Working Groups, as well as strong support of the Str-ESFRI3 project and the Chair’s team in Ljubljana. In fact, a stronger, stable support structure of ESFRI is needed, and this is also an action on the Workplan.


Workplan 2022-2023 (Ghantt Chart)