Webinar | Scientific Data about Society in Ukraine

Ukraine in European Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences and Humanities

22 May 2023, 09:30-12:30 CEST

Organised by EASSH in cooperation with the ESFRI Strategic Working Group Social and Cultural Innovation

The webinar aims to be a mutual learning opportunity for involvement of Ukraine in research infrastructures, addressing research infrastructure-practitioners, funders from the European, national and private level as well as delegates from ESFRI and national research infrastructures.

It will give the floor to research infrastructures that have already started cooperation with Ukraine to talk about their lessons learnt and challenges encountered. Also, the webinar intends to highlight the potential impact of social sciences and humanities research infrastructures for different policy areas.

It will finally highlight current funding gaps and opportunities. The discussion will be concluded by a proposal for next steps in collaboration in the near future.

Please register in this link to get access.

Find here the full agenda and motivation of this event.

Consultation for Delegates | ESFRI's approach on RI Impact Assessment | 30 May 2023 | Online

ESFRI is conscious of the importance of RIs impact assessment, including on the sustainability of RIs, and has formed a drafting group to elaborate on the topic, tasked with preparing a report based on information collected from literature and questionnaires to the ESFRI member countries and RIs, in the context of the current ESFRI Workplan
The full draft of the Policy Brief is already available here. This report highlights the importance of understanding the differences between performance monitoring, which ESFRI started implementing last year, and impact assessment of RIs and provides recommendations for stakeholders, policymakers, funders, governments, RIs, ESFRI, and European Commission (EC).

To get more insights from key stakeholders in order to enrich and finalise this report, ESFRI organises an online Consultation Workshop on ESFRI’s approach to RI impact Assessment, on 30 May 2023, 9:30-11:00 CEST.

Participation is limited to ESFRI Delegates.

Please note that a separate Workshop on the same topic will be organised for RIs and Stakeholders. More information here.

ESFRI Workshop on RI Funding Questionnaire

The Competitiveness Council, in their recently adopted conclusions on Research Infrastructures (RIs) (2/12/22), acknowledged that the funding of RIs requires strategic investments through the entire RI life-cycle. Furthermore, the Council invited Member States and the European Commission through ESFRI to perform an analysis of the types of financial support to the European RIs throughout their life-cycle, identify good practices and synergies of various RI funding resources, and explore appropriate funding models and corresponding initiatives.
To this aim, ESFRI established an RI Funding Drafting Group in charge of analysing the topic in detail and preparing recommendations. In order to start the analysis, the RI Funding Drafting Group created a questionnaire, to collect input from Research Infrastructures and national governments and develop a report, mapping funding practices at national and EU levels and providing broad future insights in the scientific and funding needs of RIs.
The RI Funding Drafting Group organizes an online Workshop on 16 February 2023, to assist the representatives in filling in the questionnaire, provide more information on the process and to clarify any questions that may arise. 
Participation in the Workshop is available by-invitation-only.

3rd ESFRI Open Session

ESFRI holds Open Sessions at its forums twice a year, to communicate to a wider audience about its activities. They are intended to serve both the ESFRI Delegates and representatives of the ESFRI Research Infrastructures and facilitate both-ways exchange. ESFRI has launched the Open Session initiative as a part of the goals set within the ESFRI White Paper Making Science Happen.

The third ESFRI Open Session is organized as part of the 80th ESFRI Plenary Meeting on 30th June 2022, to discuss Research Infrastructures and Big Data.


Joint EC-ESFRI Workshop: R&I needs of Research Infrastructures

Horizon Europe Research Infrastructures activities under Excellent Science aim at empowering Europe through world-class and accessible Research and Technology Infrastructures. In addition, the ERA Policy Agenda includes an action to strengthen sustainability, accessibility and resilience of research infrastructures.

The European Commission and ESFRI propose to launch discussions to align further the policy on European research infrastructures and the operational support as shaped in the Horizon Europe Strategic Orientations.

The workshop aims at ensuring a shared understanding on R&I needs of research infrastructures, their services, access, instrumentation and technologies. For that purpose, building on the recent analysis by ESFRI of the research infrastructures landscape, it will invite representatives of research infrastructures, of research infrastructures projects, national delegates in relevant Committees to discuss how best to support the development of the RI landscape, the delivering of services, the next generation of instruments, tools and other relevant aspects.

This event is by-invitation only.


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The ESFRI 20th anniversary conference: European Research Infrastructures at the heart of scientific discoveries

As part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union and under the auspices of the French Académie des sciences, France will host the ESFRI 20th anniversary conference: European Research Infrastructures at the heart of scientific discoveries.

Watch the short recap video HERE

Watch the full video recording HERE

The conference, taking place in Paris on March 25, will celebrate the achievements of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), highlighting the role it plays in enhancing European excellence in research and innovation. The conference will bring together key stakeholders, including policy experts, facility managers and leading researchers, to explore the drivers behind the development of the rich European research infrastructures landscape and to discuss emerging trends and the challenges for the future. The conference provides an important opportunity to explore the range of cutting-edge work being undertaken across the research domains that are reliant on the services provided by European research infrastructures. Several outstanding scientists will share with the audience their major discoveries and illustrate how they have benefited from the unique European research infrastructures.


Conférence des vingt ans de l’ESFRI. Les infrastructures européennes de recherche au cœur des découvertes scientifiques

Le 25 mars 2022, l’ESFRI, le Forum stratégique européen sur les infrastructures de recherche (ESFRI), célébrera ses vingt ans sous le haut patronage de l’Académie des sciences et sous les auspices de la Présidence française du Conseil de l’Union européenne.

Cette conférence réunira des experts politiques, des dirigeants d'infrastructures et de grands équipements, des chercheurs de premier plan et les acteurs qui contribuent à leur développement. Elle permettra de revenir sur les défis que l'ESFRI a relevé au cours des vingt dernières années, d’en célébrer les réalisations et de débattre des tendances émergentes dans le domaine des infrastructures de recherche en Europe. Il s’agira de donner à voir et à penser l’ESFRI, de valoriser le dispositif exceptionnel qu’il propose aux chercheurs européens et la grande qualité de service qu’il garantit à ses utilisateurs. Scientifiques de renom et jeunes chercheurs présenteront des projets ayant vu le jour grâce à l’environnement favorable de ces infrastructures de recherche européennes.

3rd ESFRI RIs -EOSC Workshop: What does EOSC bring to RI users?

The 3rd Workshop on the connection of ESFRI Research Infrastructures (RIs) to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) titled "3rd ESFRI RIs -EOSC Workshop: What does EOSC bring to RI users?" took place on 25 & 26 January 2022, as an Online Event. 

Watch the video recording

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together ESFRI, ESFRI RIs and EOSC stakeholders, in order to showcase and better comprehend the EOSC concept, including the Open Science and “FAIR” policy agenda, and the vision for the future, along with the EOSC value proposition for its users, and ensure an optimal federation of clusters and RIs with EOSC. The event will focus on the current state of EOSC and how the thematic RIs and ESFRI clusters fit into the developing landscape, including the partnership with the newly established EOSC Association. 

The workshop is organised by the ESFRI Task Force on EOSC and the StR-ESFRI2 Project, in close cooperation with ESFRI and the EC, and with participation from the EOSC Cluster projects, the EOSC Association Board of Directors, and the EOSC Future project.  


For more information on the outcomes of the 2nd ESFRI RIs-EOSC Workshop (Online, 6 & 7.10.2020), please click here.

Main Concepts

The main focus of the 3rd workshop is on how the RI communities and researchers can use and benefit from EOSC, getting added value. Besides the general benefits of EOSC towards open science and “FAIRification” of data and services, it is considered that the daily use of EOSC Exchange and concrete tools by the RI users for intra and interdisciplinary research will also greatly benefit EOSC, in becoming useful and effective, contributing towards its sustainability.

There are two main elements in the connection of RIs to EOSC: RIs as data producers/service providers (offering data/services to EOSC) and RIs as users of generic (non-thematic) EOSC services (consuming services from the EOSC Core and the integrated projects such as EOSC Future). In an effort to shift attention towards the (required) added value of EOSC for the RI communities and end users, this workshop will focus mainly on the second element.

To this aim, some of the points that will be highlighted during this workshop are:

  • The connection of RIs to EOSC, both ESFRI and other world-class RIs
  • The added value of EOSC for the RI communities and end users. I.e., what does EOSC bring to (users of) international RIs
  • Bringing international RIs up to speed on Open Science and the FAIR policy agenda, including concrete paradigms from young researchers presenting their work on Open Science and FAIR data, with possible achievements, may have positive effects on high-level RI/lab managers.
  • The co-creation between providers and users of the EOSC vision, in terms of service portfolio for the users

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together ESFRI, ESFRI RIs and EOSC stakeholders, in order to showcase and better comprehend the EOSC concept and value proposition for its users, and ensure an optimal federation of ESFRI clusters / RIs with EOSC.

Present the current state of EOSC and see how the thematic RIs/ESFRI clusters fit into the developing landscape, including the tri-party partnership with the new legal entity (EOSC Association) and its Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SRIA). Convey ESFRI RIs/Clusters/ and ESFRI Task Force on EOSC positions into shaping EOSC:

Present the EOSC latest documents and the outcome of their consultations:

​Showcase how world-class RIs and Clusters are engaged with EOSC, whose evolving requirements both as part of the EOSC-Exchange and EOSC-Core need to be treated in higher priority in the second phase of EOSC, and the added-value for its users with concrete use cases, good practices and approaches for federating thematic resources into EOSC – around 3 main areas:

  • Thematic Clusters/RI data and tools
  • Generic (non-thematic) federated e-Infrastructure resources uptake 
  • Open Science and FAIR data sharing within and across domains (including concrete examples/ achievements from young scientists)

Present the current status of EOSC implementation and latest plans and outputs of e-Infrastructure/EOSC providers (including EOSC Future):

  • Engagement of users in shaping EOSC (e.g. EOSC Future and RDA User Groups)
  • Resources and services/tools for thematic providers and end users (network, computing, data, middleware/other services)
  • Developments around incentives and policies on open and FAIR Data & Services, their sharing and towards a cultural change, and work on skills 

Reflect from the users’ perspective on the status, outputs and discussions in the EOSC Association WGs/TFs, with focus on the Researcher Engagement and Adoption Task Force of the EOSC Association Implementation Advisory Group.


2nd ESFRI Open Session

Among new initiatives aiming at strengthening the ESFRI communication strategy, is the introduction of the ESFRI Open Sessions organized twice a year. They are intended to serve both the ESFRI Delegates and representatives of the ESFRI Research Infrastructures (RIs) and facilitate both-ways exchange.

The second ESFRI Open Session is organized as part of the 77th ESFRI Plenary Meeting on 22nd September 2021 to discuss the European Green Deal.

The 2nd ESFRI Open Session video recording is available here.

ESFRI Days 2021

The Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU and the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) are pleased to announce ESFRI Days, an online event scheduled to take place from 6 to 7 December 2021.  
ESFRI Days will feature ESFRI Roadmap 2021 Launch (7/12), complemented by the 78th ESFRI plenary meeting (for ESFRI National Delegates only)

​For more information,  please visit the event webpages:

78th ESFRI Forum Plenary (Online)
Roadmap 2021 Launch (Online)
- 1st ESFRI Stakeholders Forum Meetup (postponed due to Covid-19 related restrictions)