Policy Officer at DG Research and Innovation, European Commission 

Born in 1977 in Madrid, Spain. PhD. in Physics. For the period 2002-2017 I have worked as a researcher in several institutions in Europe (CERN, CNRS, CEA, ECT* Trento and Universidad de Granada) and the US (The Ohio State University). My research was focused on the theory and phenomenology of the strong interactions under extreme conditions, and closely related to experimental programs in large accelerator facilities such as RHIC or the LHC.   Since 2017 I am on leave from my Associate Professor Position at Universidad de Granada to work in research management and policy making at the EU institutions. For 2017-2021 I worked on the evaluation and follow-up of projects funded under the “Fundamental Constituents of Matter” panel of  the European Research Council. I joined the Open Science and Research Infrastructures unit of the European Commission in 2021 as policy officer, where I contribute to advance EU policies on the European Open Science Cloud and the reform of research assessment.