ELIXIR, the life science infrastructure and ESFRI Landmark, has released its 2021 Annual Report. The report covers the efforts and achievements of over 800 experts from 22 ELIXIR Nodes, and highlights ELIXIR’s expertise in connecting people, data and resources.

During the past year, ELIXIR was involved in 13 EU-funded projects and added to the 32 ongoing internal projects by funding 12 new projects, with a total investment of €3.3M. Importantly, ELIXIR contributions in the fight against the pandemic included the €12M BeYond-COVID project for making data from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases open and accessible to everyone, while the ELIXIR-CONVERGE project received a €2M uplift to mobilise viral variant surveillance data tracking services and tools to feed the European COVID-19 Data Platform.

Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR Director stated “As we look ahead into 2022, we will build on the learnings from the pandemic: the value of strong collaborations, European networks and Open Science to mount rapid responses. ELIXIR is a distributed infrastructure – our services, expertise and support to scientists is delivered through our Nodes – and these values are at the core of our work.”

To view the full report, download the PDF.