Policy Officer at DG Research and Innovation, European Commission 

Dr. Martyn Chamberlain completed his PhD in the UK in 1990 on the theory of electron phonon interactions in semiconductor nanostructures. Subsequently he was awarded a personal UK Science and Engineering Research Council fellowship for research into semiconductor nanostructures at Durham and Essex universities. From 1993 he undertook research into the theory of light scattering from phonons in semiconductor nanostructures at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart. He moved from academia to industry in 1986 when he worked for Ford research centre on car radio reception and subsequently the spin-off subsidiary Visteon as a manager for multimillion media projects for customers Mercedes Benz and Skoda. He has worked at the European Commission for over 20 years as a scientific project manager in the areas of industrial technologies, materials, photonics, hydrogen and nanotechnology before working for the last two years as policy officer in Research Infrastructures working primarily with ESFRI and ERICs.