The Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU is proudly hosting the 'European Research Infrastructures for a Smarter Future' Digital Conference.

The event is open to all participants upon registration. To register, please visit the event webpage.

Background Information

Addressing the big challenges of the 21st century requires a new ambition for European science.
Research infrastructures are key elements in providing the necessary data and services for European scientists to conduct cutting-edge research in a variety of scientific fields and for European business to develop new products and services. They give us tools to understand better our universe, our planet and ourselves as humans.
As European Research Infrastructures form the backbone of our competitiveness in science and innovation, their quality and the ability to provide the needed services and data largely determines our capacity to produce the new knowledge, innovation and understanding that Europe needs to tackle the challenges we face.
Recognising this demand, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) in its White Paper: “Making Science Happen: A new ambition for Research Infrastructures in the European Research Area” lays out the specific role Research Infrastructures can and should play in this context.
Concept and Objectives of the Conference

The overall objective of the conference is to explore the potential of European Research Infrastructures to make a meaningful impact on the European strategic agendas and identify the ways in which this could be achieved. The outcome of this high-level digital event will provide a new impetus for the European research infrastructure policy, supporting full realisation of the potential of the European Research Area to drive the necessary changes in our economy and society.

The conference will provide a platform for discussion and dialogue between policy, research and industry stakeholders on the changes that are necessary to address the big challenges of our times. It will also increase the visibility of opportunities provided by Research Infrastructures and promote partnership between business and academia.