StR-ESFRI Partners

The StR-ESFRI Project is led by the institute of the ESFRI Chair and the project members include experienced entities from Italy, Greece and Germany with strong involvement in ESFRI and its activities. 

Science and Technology Facilities Council, STFC

The Science and Technology Facilities Council is a UK Government agency (a “non-departmental public body”) set up to fund UK Scientific Research. It has an annual budget of c£500M and provides Research Grants to UK Universities in the areas of astronomy and particle /nuclear physics and operates Research Infrastructures which are used by researchers from both the UK and outside the UK. The principal RIs that it operates are the ISIS Neutron Source, the Diamond Light Source (synchrotron) and the Central Laser Facility. STFC also has a major UK computing facility, the Hartree Centre, the largest academic Space Science and Technology Department in Europe and specialised Particle Physics and Accelerator development Departments. In addition, it funds the UK’s participation in ILL, ESRF, CERN and ESO.The STFC is the project co-ordinator.

Università degli Studi di Milano, UMIL

The University of Milan is a public teaching and research-intensive university, the only Italian among the 21 members of LERU (League of European Research Universities), and an internationally high-ranked university. Research activities are conducted in 31 Departments and 29 Inter-departmental Research Centres and their results are attested by a significant quantity of scientific publications. The University’s researchers occupy leading positions in numerous research programmes conducted both at a national and international level. Prof. G. Rossi is the Italian Delegate to ESFRI and is serving as vice-Chair since 2013, with direct responsibilities in the preparation of the new Roadmap 2016.

EU programmes represent a major source of funding for the University of Milan, which up to February 2014 has signed 145 contracts with the EU under the 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013), for a total value of € 49.185.139. 4 more projects are currently in the negotiation phase.The Department of Physics hosts research activities in various domains of fundamental and applied Physics. The Department employs about 80 research staff members, and 40 administrative and technical staff units. Several Italian and foreign students of the PhD School and Post-Docs contribute to the research activities of the Department.

Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies ATHENA, ATHENA RC

The ATHENA RC was founded in 2003, taking under its umbrella three existing institutes (established as far back as 1991). It is based in Athens, with its Institutes located in Athens, Patras and Xanthi. The ATHENA RC consists of 5 Research Institutes. It also incubates two research units and one unit that pioneers in technological cluster formation. Under its founding decree as a public science and technology institution supervised by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, the missions of ATHENA R.C. are to produce outstanding research in the computing and computational fields and to ensure there is an impact of this research on the economy and society. ATHENA R.C. covers a broad spectrum of research at the heart of these fields of activity and works on digitally related issues raised by other sciences and by actors in the economy and society at large.The institutes and units of ATHENA R.C. are deployed at multiple branches located in several cities around Greece. Currently, ATHENA R.C. comprises three Institutes that are active in different aspects of information and communication technologies, ranging from language, cultural and educational technologies (ILSP), to industrial systems and automation (ISI), and information systems and data management (IMIS). These are complemented by two research Units in the areas of information analysis and modelling (IAMU) and space technology (SPU), along with the technology clusters initiative Unit (Corallia).

DLR-PT - International Bureau of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research at the German Aerospace Centre

EU-Bureau (EUB) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the Framework Programme at PT-DLR is located at the Project Management Organization of the German Aerospace Centre (PT-DLR).The EUB co-ordinates the German network of National Contact Points (NCPs) and provide assistance to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in all Framework Programme matters and Horizon 2020. The EUB hosts beside ten others the NCPs for "Research Infrastructures”. As Germany’s central contact point for the FP, the EUB organises numerous information events, reaching from large information seminars directed at multipliers to highly specified training workshops for 'advanced' applicants. It also organised and carried out the German launch conference for Horizon 2020 in Berlin (in January 2014), with more than 1,500 participants. The EUB has, furthermore, been a partner in numerous EU- projects.