University of Exeter, European Plate Observing System (EPOS)

Rami Alshembari is a PhD student in geophysics and volcanology at the University of Exeter. His main area of expertise is applying physics-based models to help understand the processes controlling the dynamics of active volcanoes and improve eruption forecasting capabilities.

Alshembari's research focuses mainly on employing numerical modelling methods to analyze and interpret volcano deformation during episodes of volcanic unrest, including incorporating other multidisciplinary datasets (geological and geophysical). The obtained results are used to estimate the rate, timing, mechanism, volume and location of magma supply. The ultimate goal of Alshembari's project is to elucidate the links between magma supply, magma properties, reservoir characteristics, and surface deformation through the light of the new conceptual model of the transcrustal magmatic system (TCMS).

Alshembari is also interested in earthquake hazard assessment, seismic site response analysis and liquefaction induced failure mechanisms.