Past Working Groups
Landscape Analysis

ESFRI has included the Landscape Analysis in its Roadmaps since 2016 to provide an overview of the European RI ecosystem, by identifying prominent RIs offering transnational access across all research fields, new and ongoing projects, and the global landscape of relevance. The LA has evolved over time, becoming a more comprehensive and strategic document that includes trend analysis and examples of RI services and their impacts in specific areas (2018 and 2021 updates). ESFRI has since decided to de-couple the Landscape Analysis process from the Roadmap, and in 2023, the Forum will publish a more strategic Landscape Analysis report, as part of ERA Action 8, to provide the framework for the next ESFRI Roadmap and contribute to the EOSC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. To this aim, the Landscape Analysis Drafting Group works on a comprehensive analysis of the European RI landscape to identify existing synergies, persistent deficiencies, and proposed improvements for accessibility, networking, and integration of RIs. The report will include services, technology, data, and impact across national, European, and global scales and will involve RIs and RI stakeholders a source for relevant information.