European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures


Background and Scope 

The main scope of ESFRI is to support a coherent and strategy-led approach to policy-making on Research Infrastructures in Europe and to facilitate multilateral initiatives leading to the better use and development of RIs.



A brief overview of the composition and role of some of the key players in the Forum, ESFRI members, ESFRI executine Board etc


How ESFRI works

In order to ensure the smooth and effective running of the Forum, ESFRI adheres to a set of guidelines which are agreed by the Forum and reviewed (and updated if necessary) every two years.


Maps of RIs 

Networks of National Research Infrastructures and Map of Pan-European RIs. These Maps show the location of RIs funded by EC and ESFRI. 

ESFRI Library

Find Roadmaps, thematic reports, Working Group Reports, ESFRI annual reports, RI documents etc.

Funded Projects

ESFRI will support research infrastructures with about 2.5 billions between 2014-2020.