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ESFRI Scripta Series

ESFRI Scripta Vol3: Innovation oriented Cooperation of Research Infrastructures

The third volume of the ESFRI Scripta series is built on the outcomes of the ad hoc Working Group on Innovation as approved by the Forum in March 2016. This ESFRI Scripta volume 'Innovation-oriented cooperation of Research Infrastructures' describes the different forms of industry and Research Infrastructure collaboration that generate innovation: industry as supplier for the construction / upgrade of the RIs, being instructed and guided in developing new technologies or production protocols; industry as partner of RIs and industry as user exploiting the specific dedicated access modes as well as through the academic access supported by research grants. 


ESFRI Scripta Vol2: Long-Term Sustainability of Research Infrastructures

The second volume of the ESFRI Scripta series is dedicated to the outcomes of the ad hoc Working (WG) Group on Long-Term Sustainability (LTS) of Research Infrastructures.ESFRI has previously developed its concept of lifecycle of the Research Infrastructures in the framework of the Roadmap evaluation exercise, and at all stages of the lifecycle different aspects of sustainability were identified. The LTS WG has analysed the Long-Term Sustainability of Research Infrastructures from a broad perspective taking the ESFRI viewpoint well beyond the mere economical analysis.


ESFRI Scripta Vol1: Neutron scattering facilities in Europe Present status and future perspectives

The "Neutron scattering facilities in Europe - Present status and future perspectives" report (ESFRI Scripta Vol. 1) has been published. The Volume will be distributed to ESFRI Delegations that will convene in Matera on 23 September 2016 and presented worldwide during the next International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI2016) that will take place in Cape Town from 3 to 5 October 2016.  For more information regarding the report check here.  For a complete list of ESFRI reports and Working Groups documents visit the ESFRI Library.