European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures

Roadmap 2018

The Roadmap 2018 submission proccess will remain open until August, 31st and welcomes submissions of new proposals. Following the official presentation of the ESFRI Roadmap 2018 update process at ICRI2016 in Cape Town, and the Roadmap 2018 Info Day in Malaga, ESFRI published important documents with the aim to provide a complete description of the requirements, the procedure and the methodology of selection of proposals for the Roadmap Update and thus facilitate new submissions by ESFRI Delegations and EIROforum Members.


The ESFRI ROADMAP 2018 GUIDE offers support to proposers preparing a submission and to the Projects and Landmarks involved in the update procedure. It contains the definitions, models and methods, and describes the procedures applied for this update. It represents ESFRI’s best effort in road-mapping methodology and may thus serve as reference to complementary national exercises. ESFRI invites and welcomes the engagement of the research and innovation communities, as well as of the stakeholders from Europe and beyond, to identify potential new Projects and the ways to strengthen the running ones, and to maximise the return from the pan-European RI investment in terms of science, international collaboration and innovation.


QUESTIONAIRE FOR SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS: This questionnaire consists of three parts: PART A, requires general information used for the eligibility check by the EB and – if selected - for the public description of the Project in the Roadmap 2018. PART B (the scientific case) and PART C (the implementation) are used by the SWG to evaluate the scientific case of the proposal and by the IG to assess its implementation. Only the online version of this questionnaire may be used by ESFRI Delegations and EIROforum Members to submit proposals for the Roadmap 2018 until the 31st August 2017 at 18:00 CET.



CONTACT LIST: This list includes the details of the Roadmap 2018 national contacts.